Best of Both Worlds - Microwave Oven AND Toaster Oven In One Unit!

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Author: Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson is an internet marketing apprentice and a passionate freelance and personal (own sites and coming books) writer. She's written on topics ranging from toaster ovens to psychology to brain nutrition and nootropics, and enjoys a vast variety of topics. Michelle is interested in making money online from home and spends a lot of her time learning, working (for other internet marketers) to learn the trade from experience.

For anyone with a small kitchen, a great product has hit the consumer market place that is making it possible to have two great appliances in one.

The microwave toaster oven is a great gift or simply a great accessory to own when you're limited on space. It combines two must haves into one.

With this small dynamo, you get an oven that will bake, defrost, microwave, heat and toast, all in one. Whether you simply have only a small bit of counterspace or you're looking for something small to go in the lake cabin, this little oven does it all.

Granted, the microwave portion is not going to have the power of a full sized one, but for the duties most people use it for, popping popcorn, frozen dinner cooking and heating up coffee, it's fine. Additionally, you get the convenience of being able to put your toast in it, heat up a piece of pizza that will be crispy instead of soggy, as it usually is in a microwave, or toasting a bagel.

Where price is concerned, many times you'll find they are similar to the cost of a regular microwave or toaster oven. So, if you would pay that price for one, why not get the combination microwave toaster oven instead. On the whole, they run between $100-$200, depending on the features and strength of the ovens.

They're a perfect gift for a student going away to college or a weekend getaway cabin. They also work well for senior citizens who don't like to use the full oven as much anymore. So, where should you go to buy one?

They're easily found in most retail stores that sell appliances. Additionally, you can find a good selection of them online. The best way to buy one is to research the various brands first before you go into the stores.

Check out the prices online so you have a good idea of how much they should cost once you get to the store. If you find that with shipping, you're getting a better deal online, bite the bullet and wait a few days to save the money.

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