Best Known Natural Home Remedies For Hair Growth

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Many suffer from loss of hair that could be due to stress and anxiety, severe and longstanding illness, poor cleanliness and hygiene and hereditary factors. Most home remedies for hair growth that are just a hand away, with use herbs, fruits and vegetables proving to be inexpensive, effective and simple to promote growth of hair.

Home remedies for hair growth involving the use of onions involves first mincing onions and adding it to ones shampoo. After allowing it to stand for 15 days, you could use the shampoo regularly to experience quick hair growth with a glacial shine. The next remedy involves cutting red onions into half and boiling it with 4 cloves of garlic and 2 sticks of cinnamon in water for 5 minutes. The infusion used for rinsing hair has shown good results in hair growth.

Poor and unhealthy diet and/anemia leads to hair fall and weak hair, with home remedies for hair growth lying in eating an energetic breakfast. This first meal of the day could start off with a tablespoon of wheat germ, a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, a tablespoon soy lecithin, and a tablespoon honey, in a cup of yogurt. Eaten before actual breakfast, you would definitely notice faster growth of strong hair.

Oils like olive oil, grape seed oil and lavender oil form an important part of home remedies for hair growth. Massaging olive oil well into the scalp an hour before washing ones hair could help immensely in strengthening and conditioning the hair. The massaging of lavender oil 3 times a week will help nourish your hair and promote growth. However grape seed oil is best massaged in the scalp during bedtime.

Honey, the queen of remedies also forms a part of home remedies for hair growth. Honey has antibacterial and healing properties and also proves to be an ideal conditioner for dry and dull hair. A drop of honey added to the final rinse water helps make the hair luscious and shiny. Another remedy for hair growth lies in mixing honey with the gel of Aloe Vera and applying on the scalp for 20 minutes before the final rinse.

Stress has always lead to hair fall, with home remedies for hair growth lying in exercise, meditation and yoga. Exercising regularly helps the body excrete feel good hormones, while meditation helps in overcoming stress and removal of negative thoughts and emotions. Listening to religious and spiritual lectures is also a meditative process, with yoga with deep breathing exercises helping to strengthen the mind and body and relax muscles. So exercise, meditation and yoga have helped in hair growth.

Hair nutrition forms some other home remedies for hair growth. Massaging a mixture of an egg, 1 trickle of olive oil, and 2 tablespoons honey on the scalp for about 30 minutes before washing helps. However make sure to wrap a towel after massaging the mixture. Also the most natural hair-coloring agent, henna soaked in water used to soak tea bags or coffee powder acts as an excellent conditioner to add body and give boost to hair.

That’s to those great home remedies for hair growth close to hand.

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