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While most people imagine that abscesses can only be treated with antibiotics or surgical procedures, there are a bunch of home remedies for abscess that are effective. The key is to use them as soon as you notice the problem, before it develops. One of the widely known home remedies for abscess is heat. A clean and warm cloth needs to be applied over the abscess and kept there for at least twenty minutes three times daily. You need to make sure that the cloth is warm at all times.

There are also other home remedies for abscess based on heat therapy. One of them implies to take a clean cloth and to soak it in warm water mixed with several drops of lavender oil. The water needs to be squeezed out and the cloth kept there until it cools. Don’t forget that the cloth, the container for the water, your hands and the area around the abscess have to be cleans.

One of the most effective home remedies for abscess is aloe vera gel. This is in fact helpful for many skin conditions and, rubbed daily on an abscess; it can make it go away faster. The gel needs to be used on a daily basis until you heal completely.

Turmeric can be used in a couple of ways in order to treat abscesses. A mixture of turmeric and castor oil is efficient if applied on the affected area several times a day. Another one of the home remedies for abscess using turmeric is a paste made of turmeric and water used externally.

Potatoes can also be used to treat an abscess. Take a slice of potato of about one inch and simply place it over the abscess. This is one of the home remedies for abscess that needs to be kept there for several hours, so you might want to use tape to keep the potato slice in place. The result is that this will drain the poisonous substances from the abscess and you will notice that when you take it off.

Most of the home remedies for abscess are used topically, but a proper diet can also help. A diet that will detoxify your body can prevent or stop the development of an abscess. People who are affected by this condition often can try a couple of days fast with fruit and vegetable juice. This will help them to eliminate the toxins in their bodies.

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