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Pyramid routines have been around a long time and there are many different variations on this idea. It is good to note here that there is no perfect pyramid routine that you can do because what did not work 3 or 6 months ago may work very well once you have adapted some more to another routine.

Basically pyramids are starting with a high weight and doing lots of reps and ending with a heavy weight doing less rep. But this can be adapted and changed depending on how you feel that day and it you are selecting the correct weight when starting out.

Weight selection when starting a pyramid routine is probably the most important part because when you do your first set of 20 reps you do not want to take a weight that you start failing half way through the set. When starting out with pyramids for the first time it is better to start too light than too heavy.

So your sets would look something like this the first four sets being 20, 10, 8 and then 6 reps. The last two sets of a pyramid should be very close to your max with 4 reps and then 2 reps. To maintain the intensity of your workout it is important not to rest more than 90 seconds between sets.

The variations on this will change depending on the body-part that you are training. For example doing triceps you can start with 20, 15, 10, 8 and then your last two heavy sets doing 8 reps and 6 reps. But this is only an example of the many variations that can be done when doing pyramids.

Probably the most important aspect of pyramid training is that you achieve maximum amount of muscle fiber stimulation as possible. This type of pyramid training is a must for any bodybuilder to achieve results and break up the muscle while training in order to gain mass when it is repaired.

The big advantage of doing pyramids is that the lighter weights and plenty reps give your muscles that deep pump which supplies stacks of much needed nutrients before you start tearing up the muscle with heavy weights. There is no doubt that it makes for a longer workout but it is certainly worth it.

It is important to note here that you should make sure that you never reach failure when doing the first four or five sets of a pyramid routine. This means that you have selected a weight that is too heavy and you will be working against yourself by doing this.

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