Awareness Programs for the Sugarcane Growers in India

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Author: Rohan Sinha

Sugar has been used by the mankind for ages; today, newer and better production technologies are used by sugar companies to produce sugar of different grades, such as M 31, L 31 and S 31, to meet the varying needs of their user industries and the end consumers. Sugarcane and sugar beets are used for sugar production; sugarcane is used more; in fact, it accounts for about 60-70 per cent of sugar production. This makes sugar companies go beyond just waiting for sugarcane from the growers and process the raw materials into final products; launching various awareness programs for the grower community is what sugar suppliers are doing these days to ensure increased sugarcane productivity in per unit area & time, and promote the best cane production techniques. Some of the prominent ways to promote awareness among farmers are:

SMS & Leaflets:

Posters and pamphlets – which look attractive and have easy-to-understand language – are heavily used by the sugar companies in their target areas. Important issues like eradication of area under rejected variety & planting of early & general high sugared variety are also stretched out through leaflets.

Wall Painting:

Herein, messages related to eradication of obsolete rejected, promotion of high sugared, early maturing varieties, etc., are put up on the prominent sites of the villages to ensure everybody reads and understands them.

Road Shows:

Road shows are always effective for promoting the best farming practices, and other cane related communication. A show can be arranged for the whole day, and distribution of pamphlet can be done alongside.

Nukkad Natak and Puppet Show:

Sugar companies usually hire a local Nukkad Drama Team, which first understands the message that needs to be conveyed to the audience; on the basis of their understanding, they prepare a relevant script, and then, ensure successful communication among the farmers in their own dialect. Sometimes, it’s so unbelievable to see the impact of Nukkad Nataks and Puppet Shows on the grower community; the dramas help the farmers easily understand and adopt a particular message/technique, when leaflets and other methods fail to deliver the results.

Road Ahead:

Indian sugar industry holds a distinctive place, when it comes to the top sugar industries in the world, but there is still a long way to go for the sugar producers in the country. There are challenges ahead, a lot of challenges, but as the management gurus say, ‘challenges are often opportunities in disguise.’

Being one of the leading sugar companies in India, Dalmia Sugar understands its responsibility to spared awareness among the farmers about the best farming techniques. Best practices on farming are communicated and re-emphasized to the grower community through various means on a continued basis. Visit our website for more on what we do, under our knowledge-sharing initiatives.

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