Anorexia Caused By Weight Loss

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When it comes to the anorexia, you can probably infer his methods of crime: the young beauty goes on diet at his instigation, and finally is framed. We can often see those very thin models, and some of them who are famous all over the world have suffered from the anorexia. Anorexia nervosa is divided into two subtypes: restricting type and binge-eating/purging type.

According to the DSM-IV, diagnostic criteria for restricting anorexia are as follows.

1. An adult body weight is less than 85% of the expected value and growing children weight gain slowed or stopped, leading to their weight lower than 85% of the expected value.

2. Even in the case of low body weight, she has weight gain fear.

3. Cognitive distortions of body weight, associate body weight with personal value to deny the seriousness of the underweight situation.

4. Women who have regular menstrual have amenorrhea more than three cycles or more.

In addition to the above symptoms, binge eating-type anorexia may have other symptoms such as to eat large quantities of food at one time, induce vomiting, excessive exercise, or the use of diuretics, laxatives and other behaviors, easily leading to anorexia symptoms are masked or confused with other eating disorders which are difficult to diagnose.

In the 13th century of Europe, the Catholic girls all year round only eat a little food filling their stomachs in order to show their piety. They treat hunger as elution of original sin, and acts of kindness for sincerely serving God. They call it "Holy Anorexia or Anorexia mirabilis". Even dying of it, they think it is worthy of praise. After the Renaissance, this tradition is slowly disappearing With the vigorous development of the fashion industry in the early 20th century, gaunt figure is quite popular among people; anorexia again swept the Eastern and Western world, together with the ballerinas, gymnasts and fashion models, becoming fashion "Pop disease". Worldwide about 0.3% -3.7% of people suffer from anorexia nervosa, and a high incidence of the age is 14-19 years, of which 90% are female.

The original intention of many people to lose weight is for better health, but they harm the brain unconsciously. In fact, our brain is the pickiest one; it is addicted to sweet because it relies on glucose to supply all energy; It’s also hoarding a lot of fat, wrapped in the periphery of the nerve cells. Once our body comes across nutritional shortages, the brain can not be spared. When anorexics are underweight, brain tissue will shrink, and brain gray matter density of EBA also decreases. Although being called teenage killer, anorexia is not only limited to the adolescence. Low body weight can cause osteoporosis, premature ovarian failure, infertility problems, and brings more trouble to the future life. other mental illnesses my Go hand in hand with anorexia. The situation is quite common in patients with anorexia accompanied by emotional problems such as depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behavior, and personality disorder comorbidity rate is also higher than the average person. if Anorexia is left untreated, it may become chronic, and about 40% will go from anorexia to bulimia nervosa whose treatment is even more difficult.

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