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People use a variety of plastic products in their daily lives. These plastic products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ever imagined how these kinds of unusual shapes like dishes, buckets, boxes etc. are made? These kind of unusual shaped plastic products are made using a vacuum former.

The Vacuum Former is used for vacuum forming which is essentially shaping any kind of plastic. In this method of shaping plastics, the mold is placed in an oven, and is heated by exerting pressure thereby giving the mold the desired shape and lastly cooled within a substantial time span. This method of shaping plastics comes with the primary benefit of being able to make limitless number of shapes or products and is at the same time highly effective. Also, most of plastic products that are made using this method are extremely economical in terms of cost. The molds used in this method of plastic shaping are made using a variety of raw materials that are not very expensive and in addition this method is extremely faster in terms of production.

Thermoforming is another method of shaping plastics. Even in this method, plastic sheets are heated to degree where they are malleable and then are given the desired shape. After the shape is formed, the finished product is then trimmed accordingly. In many of the thermoforming processes, the choice of plastic sheet based on the color and thickness is fed into the machine and is then heated to the proper temperature. Once the appropriate temperature is attained the sheet automatically moves into the oven where it gains its shape.

This is the stage where the sheet is operated to the necessary detail. Disposable plastic is also made using thermoforming method but the plastic sheet used is extremely thin. When thick sheets of plastic are used in this process, products used in automobiles and home appliances are formed. One disadvantage with this method of manufacturing plastic is that this process is quite expensive when compared to other methods like vacuum forming etc. Also, the amount of plastic that is used in this method is much high than other methods.

The advent of increased attention to environmental consciousness has given rise to recycling. Using the above two methods, plastic trash can be recycled into various other materials and the process of recycling comprises of a variety of concrete shaping methods. Recycling plastic is a simple job and is filled with fun.

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