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It is common knowledge that the Internet has dramatically altered the nature and scope of business communications. Today, many service providers offer virtual office phone systems exploiting the potential of the Internet.

The virtual office phone system lets your existing as well as prospective customers communicate with you the modern way. There have been tremendous advancements in the sphere of telecommunications and you have a choice when it comes to your office phone system.

You can choose a traditional hardware-based system that entail purchasing of costly equipment and maintaining it subsequently. Instead, you can select an Internet-based system that is affordable with an array of highly useful features.

Thus, a virtual office telephone system not only significantly reduces your initial costs but also the ongoing costs. All that a virtual phone system will require is a reliable high-speed Internet connection and Internet enabled (VOIP) phone handsets. The outstanding feature of a virtual phone system is that it saves for you your two most valuable resources - time and money.

As a virtual phone system uses the Internet to connect your office phones with the service provider’s equipment, your phones can be located in any part of the world and yet function as a single system. Call routing and call transfers are handled seamlessly and every employee will have equal access to your virtual phone systems and its sophisticated features.

You can easily setup your virtual phone system, as well as easily make changes as and when needed. A virtual auto attendant (receptionist) will greet and answer all incoming calls and will route them to the concerned employee or department. You can also create custom greetings and hold messages.

Each of the phone extension will have access to a fully customizable voicemail system where they can record a personalized greeting and also screen phone calls. They can also be alerted whenever there is a new message through email and text messaging or through online notification.

Incoming calls can be forwarded to any landline or cell phone and that means no customer call will be missed. You can have a complete record of all incoming as well as outgoing calls, which you can access from any Internet enabled computer. Virtual office phone system offers flexibility and the system is also secure.

If you want to reach customers around the globe, then you can use avail virtual phone system to set up toll free or local numbers in each target country. Customers can then reach you without paying long-distance fees, or confusing dialing codes.

Some of the standard as well as optional and advanced features of virtual phone system are - Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Call Logs, Call Recording, Call Screening, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Caller Analytics, Caller ID, Conferencing, Dial-by-Name Directory, Do Not Disturb, Follow Me, Internet Fax, Business Greetings, Hold-on Music, Email & Internet Voicemail, Online Account Management, Toll Free Phone, Vanity Toll Free Phone Numbers, Virtual Phone Attendant.

The virtual phone system will truly transform your business communication and help enlarge your customer-base and boost sales. Switching over to a virtual phone system might as well be the need of the hour for many business enterprises.

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