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Author: Marise Payne

Often people are enticed by weird, strange and unusual happenings. It is a common phenomenon that people do connect with some stories if they are narrated in a manner which connects to their life. A wizard’s tale and the after worlds are such stories, even though they cater to the requirements of children, however, these two books are celebrated for a brilliant presentation and a heart touching storyline. The graceful tone that the author has used has imparted connectivity with the masses and every page that the reader turns while reading the books helps the reader to embark on a journey which is so different yet so familiar and with the concept of victory of good over the evil. The book serves the purpose of creating an image in the minds of the reader that even though the bad has strength and power yet it is wiped out or completely washed away by good.

A wizard’s tale deals with wizards, galaxies, power, hatred, fear. It depicts how two powerful wizards who at one time were great friends turned into foes. The book reflects that because of their bitterness it was the world who suffered along with innocent people. It has been revealed in the book how the lust for power can make even the best of the friend an enemy. The desire for power turned friend into the worst enemy and how vengeance and separation was the outcome of such greed is portrayed in a very narrative and engaging manner. The presentation is such that at one point of time the reader feels that they are the part of this magical world and they feel completely lost and experience something which is beyond reality in the presence of magic and witchcraft.

Mallika Bahizi, the writer of the odyssey chronicle has penned down her own experiences in these series, whether you speak about a wizard’s tale, the life of Zoya or the after worlds. In her third series, the after worlds, she has depicted the fascination of human being towards a life after death and how they are always on the lookout for exploring the world that one goes into after death.

All the books are written very differently and after reading all of them be it a wizard’s tale, the life of Zoya or the after worlds, the reader for a certain period of time realizes that he/she is in a utopian/magical age where anything is possible.

The writer of the book a wizard’s tale and the after worlds has tried to portray through the story how ambition and jealously can be the cause of downfall. For more information about the book reviews please log into www.theodysseychronicles.com.

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