A Brief Description of LED Candle Lights

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Author: Chris Hemsworth

A study of the different kinds of LED candle lights and the different kinds with their specifications.

Candles have been the decorations for every enjoyable event from the past. But the number of disadvantages of candles like safety problem, short life etc. has resulted in the evolution of LED candle lights. Different types LED candles are available which are of different size and shape, for different events. There are a number of advantages of using LED candles. They are as follows -

• LED candles provide more safety than the simple candles. Simple candles are very dangerous in terms of cretin fire and flames. But the LED candles removes this disadvantage are very easier to use.

• Less power consumption and save money. LED lights take very small electrical energy and hence increases the efficiency of the device. Many LED candle lights come in rechargeable form, in which these lights can be reused again and again.

• LED lights come in different forms. But the simple candle lights provided only simple looks. Not only this, but the LED candles provide a great realistic look of the candle and for this these lights are in great demand.

• The other main thing is that LED candles are very Eco friendly as there is no use of any kind of toxic elements like mercury.

These are some of the main benefits of LED (light-emitting diode) candle lights. It is also vital for you to buy the highest quality candles that will provide a new look to your place.

Different types of LED candles-

A great variety of theses light come in the market. Some of them are discussed below:

• A-19 LED candle golf series - This light is very useful for indoor parts and are providing a 270 degree light area. The life of this candle is around 25000 hours. The power consumption of this light is only 7 watts.

• A-19, 9 watts LED candle light - This light is very similar to the others discussed above, but the only difference is that this candle is about 9 watts.

• The third one is GU10 - This candle consumes less power of 5 watts and produce very simple light at an area of around 60 degrees. The life span of this candle is also of around 25000 hours.

• PAR20 LED candle golf series - This light consumes 8 watts of power and produces light for an area of around 6o degrees. These types of candles are very useful in indoor areas.

Author Bio

The author has been a great writer who writes about various topics relevant with LED candle lights and LED candle golf series. You can follow him on Facebook or on Google+.

The author has been a great writer who writes about various topics relevant with LED candle lights and LED Candle Golf Series.

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